We are happy to give you advice on must-do experiences to get to know Villasimius and south Sardinia at its best.

Boat tours

Discover the beauty of Capo Carbonara with a boat tour from Villasimius.

Set sail on an unforgettable adventure to discover one of Sardinia’s most beautiful marine protected areas.

The tour departs from the port of Villasimius and heads to the island of Cavoli, a small natural paradise with crystal-clear waters and white beaches.

After a stop for swimming and snorkelling, the boat continues along the coast to Punta Molentis, one of the most iconic beaches in Villasimius.

The tour is available in both half-day and full-day versions, with lunch included.

In case of headwinds, the tour may vary in its stops, but will still include all the main attractions.

Book your tour now and enjoy an unforgettable experience at Capo Carbonara!

Quad bike tours

Discover the beauty of Capo Carbonara with a half-day quad bike tour.

Experience an unforgettable adventure discovering one of Sardinia’s most beautiful marine protected areas.

Join our half-day quad bike tour and discover the wonders of Capo Carbonara, a peninsula jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea.

The tour starts at the port of Villasimius and winds its way along the coast, passing unspoilt beaches, dirt tracks and breathtaking landscapes.

Guided visits to Cagliari

Discover the charm of the city in different ways:

  • Castello: the medieval heart of Cagliari

The Castello district is the medieval heart of Cagliari.

On this guided tour, you will discover its narrow streets, imposing walls and architectural beauties.

You will visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Elephant Tower, Palazzo Regio and much more.

  • Underground Cagliari: a journey into the bowels of the city

Cagliari hides a secret side: its underground bowels.

During this guided tour, you will explore its tunnels, cisterns and caves.

You will discover a fascinating and mysterious world, getting to know Cagliari from a completely new perspective.

  • Segway tour: an original way to discover the city

A segway is a fun and original way to discover Cagliari.

On this guided tour, you can explore the streets of the historic centre, admiring its monuments and natural beauty.

A unique experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

  • Wine tour: discovering Sardinian wines

Sardinia is a land rich in history and culture, but also in fine wines.

On this wine tour, you will taste the best Sardinian wines.

An experience that will allow you to discover the authentic flavours of Sardinia.