We are green

We were lucky enough to be able to design our hotel from scratch, right from the laying of the first brick.

And we have chosen to respect our precious environment as much as possible by using the latest energy-saving technologies.

Our commitment to the environment

You will only find highly efficient household appliances and electronic devices here. And even in the rooms, you will find eco-friendly hot/cold A+++ air conditioners, while all the lighting in the hotel is provided by ultra-low consumption LED bulbs.

The whole hotel was also constructed following the principles of bioconstruction, using highly insulating and sound-absorbing materials and favouring an airy space design that blends in with the surrounding landscape.

With our breakfasts, we try to choose fruit and local produce as much as possible to support the local economy, reduce pollution resulting from the transport of goods, and to offer you products of the highest quality at all times.

Our efforts will be even more effective if you also choose to take a few small steps to reduce the environmental impact of your holiday. When you arrive, we will be happy to explain how you can help!