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Here's what they say about us

We had the good fortune of being able to design our hotel from the very outset.
And we decided to respect to the greatest possible extend the priceless environment that surrounds us, deploying state-of-the-art energy-saving technologies.

Accordingly, the appliances and electronic devices are all highly efficient, and in your rooms you will find A+++-rated air conditioners, while the illumination throughout the hotel is provided by low-energy LED lamps.

The whole building has been constructed on the principles of bio-construction, using highly heat- and sound-insulating materials, with a focus on light-filled spaces that interact with the surrounding countryside.

For the breakfasts we serve, we do our level best to choose local fruit and produce, with a view to supporting the local economy, reducing the pollution generated by transport and ensuring that we offer nothing but the highest quality at all times.

Our commitment will be even more effective if you, too, can do your bit to reduce the environmental impact of your stay – when you arrive, we'll be delighted to explain how you can do so!